Additional NRHA Training Programs

Check out the other training programs NRHA offers members.

Basic Training Course in Selling Skills

This course will teach employees the basic selling skills needed for delivering top-notch customer service. It will cover topics such as how to make a good first impression, how to deal with customer complaints, how to overcome objections and close the sale, and much more. This course is appropriate for both new hires as well as seasoned veterans who need a refresher. At the end of the course, employees take a 50-question test to measure what they have learned. Click here to learn more.

Basic Training Course in Merchandising

Proper merchandising helps a store improve sales, so it is essential that every employee be familiar with best merchandising practices. The retail merchandising course will help employees understand merchandising fundamentals and what they can do to maximize the impact of every display. At the end of the course, employees will take a 50-question test. This course is a must for new hires, but is also appropriate for long-time employees who may need a refresher. Click here for more information.

Project PRO

Understanding the components of the most common DIY projects and how to sell a customer an entire project instead of just specific products can make a big impact on a store’s sales. To help arm store associates with this skill, NRHA developed the brand new project-based sales training program, Project PRO. Each Project PRO module combines project videos with valuable selling skills to teach associates how to complete the project, as well as how to sell it. Modules cover common DIY projects, such as Priming and Painting Interior Walls, Fixing a Leaky Toilet and Installing Electrical Outlets and Switches, and explain how to deliver better customer service and increase transaction sizes. Click here for more information.

NRHA’s Loss Prevention Series

NRHA's Loss Prevention Program includes three separate modules covering internal theft prevention, external theft prevention and store safety. This training program is designed to help retail home improvement stores develop a safe and secure retail environment for both employees and customers. It includes complete testing and record-keeping. Click Here for more information.

Our Three Pennies of Profit

“Our Three Pennies of Profit” retail training video helps independent hardware store, home improvement center and lumberyard owners and managers better communicate the fundamental elements of retail profit and loss to their employees.  Click here to learn more about the training video and how you can use it in your store.

Niche Training Courses

These courses cover niche areas not covered in the Basic Training Courses. They include Automotive, Housewares, Outdoor Living & Sporting Goods, and Ag Buildings. They are PDF documents only and do not include any testing. Click here to learn more.

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